Vogue Just Happened.

After entering the revolving doors to a building that was home to magazines such as Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar almost a year ago, I set my dreams higher and told myself magazines such as Teen Vogue, Lucky Magazine and VOGUE are reachable.

All thanks to a wonderful friend of mine, I was able to attend VOGUE's Holiday Affair tonight! 

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.54.57 PM.png

I was welcomed with white wine and small portion h'ordeuvres and lots of smiles. Not knowing anyone there, I had to step outside of my comfort zone and extend my hand to new faces and introduce myself.  "Hi, my name is Jannel Varona, nice to meet you." To my surprise, I was shaking hands with people from companies like Vera Bradley, Simons Jewelry and VOGUE.

OK I lied, I did know somebody there. It was the former Merchandising Coordinator at Seventeen Magazine (and now Brand Partnership Director at College Fashionista)! Life told me again that things REALLY  DO happen for a reason! You know why? This was also the same person I ran into at Starbucks before my internship interview at Seventeen one year ago. I recognized her at Starbucks back then because I met her at Seventeen Magazine's first ever Internship 101 event which was months before I landed my internship interviews. (CRAZY, RIGHT?!) 

Anyways, she was very friendly and asked what I was up to. I told her I was looking for internships for spring semester because it will be my last before I graduate in May! She quickly said, "OK, I GOT YOU!" To be honest, I didn't know to react. It was so simple but it was so hard to comprehend because I have been emailing so many companies my resume and cover letters and nothing ever really happened. I freaked out and said, "You must be kidding me!" She handed me her card and said to email her the next morning. YOU BET YOUR ASS I WILL.

After getting my hair done by Fructis, eating delicious food and drinking the best wines and rubbing elbows with the glamorous and the successful, I had to say goodbye and say thank you to the Associate Director of Special Events at VOGUE. Before I even extended my hand, she already knew my name! It was an unbelievable moment. She gave me her email and told me to write to her. YOU BET YOUR ASS I WILL DO THAT TOO.