Twenty Fifteen Things.

Year 2014 is coming to an end (in like a day) and I can't help but think of the day I launch this blog with the rest of the world in 2015. This space on the world wide web is where I document my thoughts, my career and (of course) my wardrobe!


Yesterday, I explored the streets of Dumbo with an awesome friend-photographer, Christopher Zranchev. This late in the month of December and the weather in New York feels like autumn, we had to take advantage! 


Draped in layers of black, white, fur and prints, I mixed and matched every single piece to recreate a new look while wearing my Chero shoes by Shellys London. 


There's something about being shot and being in front of the camera. I embody this side of myself that knows how to pose and knows how to work a camera when in reality, I trip over smooth sidewalks, run into glass doors and fall going UP the stairs. Somehow, I exude this confidence that I don't normally have. It's weird.


Finally feeding my "passion for fashion" is truly a breath of fresh air especially when someone is equally as determined to feed their own passion. It's so cool when someone understands when you ask them to take a picture of what you're wearing. It's similar to when a photographer wants to stop and snap a shot at a random street corner because they see something interesting you don't necessarily see until you look at the photograph.

Photography by Chris Zranchev.