A Flower Just Blooms

"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms." 

- Zen Shin


But you see, flowers are flowers and humans are humans.

And we, as humans, are designed to be constantly comparative.

We are the spectacles who have become immune to every campaign and ad that tells us why no one's lives are ever good enough. I've thought about humanity's obsession with comparison many times but maybe have not realized just how much it infiltrates our lives in almost every aspect.


I'm new to the blogger world and no matter how many times that quote way up above is used as a metaphor to anyone's success, I am not fooled. I know that an underlying constant obsession with comparison and silent competition still exists in this industry or any for that matter. Maybe not always, but definitely sometimes. 

It's rare to find genuine people that will see us for who we are and not see us as some kind of measuring stick made up of their idea of success. And if we don't benefit them in some way and fit their standard of acquaintance measured by likes and followers, why bother? It's rare to find genuine people that will see our journey and our story as an inspiration rather than a contest. It is indeed a sickness in our culture and social media is one of its culprits.


So when we finally find that rare few of humans in our lives that will celebrate us and our story just as much as we celebrate them and their stories, we will begin to have  happy and honest relationships with the people around us. I've learned to decipher the ones that really care and want me to succeed just as much as I want them to succeed from the ones that only want the best for me as long as it's never better than them. It's never wrong to reevaluate and eliminate anything the doesn't add to our well-being. Learning this has given me the most positive outlook on my life and moving forward seems easier. 


 I think people often forget that by just being alive and living and existing in this world that they already matter infinitely. It's time to put all of the comparison and competition aside for personal growth. I believe it betters ourselves, the people that surround us and the places we've been to. 

Flowers bloom without thinking of another flower next to it because it is designed to do so. 

We, as humans, are obsessively comparative because we grew up to be.

Because flowers are flowers, humans are humans.


In collaboration with @lyonandpost and @sachinandbabi

Photography by Kim Geronimo