A Pop of @Coach Red

Like I said in my recent post, pops of reds have been frequenting my day-to-day wardrobe choices lately. Besides the classic black and white or the denim on denim, I can't think of a better color duo the all black and a pop of Coach red.

From light blush tones to the deepest coral, all shades of red in the color spectrum just gravitates towards me. From first applying red lipstick in my amateur teenage years to my Friday night glass of wine, red ties my childhood to my adulthood. It screams chic with a touch of rebellion and lust. It will be a paint color in my future home, the accent in my future kitchen. Red is a conversation starter. It pumps the adrenaline and brightens up any mood unlike any other hue. And against a black canvas or an all black outfit, this @Coach red bag is all I need for that pop of statement piece.

What's your go-to color duo?