Above and Beyond



The last time fireworks lit up the American night sky, we were all welcoming the new year.

Now I wouldn't necessarily say I was an eyewitness to this celebration because by the time clock struck midnight, I was already two hours into deep sleep.

But I am confidently certain that was the last time fireworks lit up the American night sky.

Seven months ago, everyone and their mothers were saying Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays and asking how everyone and their mothers were doing. 'Twas definitely the season for overeating and overeager commitment to anything too short, too high, too sparkly and vague resolutions about The New You for The New Year. 

After a night of celebratory fireworks and New Year kisses, it was January 1st. Like clock work, we return back into the swing of things, adapt to new routines and look forward to the next long weekend marking the next holiday. 

It's Monday and it's the Fourth of July. 'Tis the day for overeating and overzealous commitment to attending every barbecue invitation, location scouting for the perfect spot to watch fireworks and anything red, white, blue, starred, striped or all four. 

After months of independently free-floating, you find The New You is just the The Same You with better direction, new improvements and attainments. You have gone above and beyond yourself and by the time the flashes of fireworks illuminate the night sky, you're celebrating more than your country and its progress but also your own.








In collaboration with Fashion Bunker and The Fifth Label.

Wearing the Above and Beyond Dress from their Three Fold collection.

Photography by Jason Payas.