All In The Details // H&M Loves Coachella

Dust, dirt and a whole whirlwind of bold colors, daring wardrobe decisions and eclectic styles – yup, sounds like festival season to me. Unlike many that trekked their way to Palm Springs for the weekend, I will be spending this weekend in a more quiet city still rocking some festival vibes. Whether it's taking more risks in my day-to-day make-up look or in my day-to-day accessories, (as in, I actually wear some) the H&M loves Coachella collection is here to inspire and maximize a rather very minimalist wardrobe. It's all in the details for me and it's always fun to add a little Coachella touch to any outfit.

Skipped all of the fringe, crochet and tassels and went straight for solid gold and starry adornments. My recent decision to have short hair again reminded me that the only quick hairstyle I can do are braids (aside from the lazy top knot.) This two set hair clips are stunning in between messy braids or at the end to secure one. Accessories are rarely ever my thing. I feel like I only wore small earrings on special occasions so wearing this large metal earrings with star-shaped pendants are different from the usual. But I always love a pop of statement pieces. Who doesn't?

These two little festival details goes beyond the desert and into the concrete jungle.


And you're probably wondering why I look like I'm off to space.

Well, I'll explain this foilchella situation on an upcoming post.


In collaboration with H&M.
Photography by Sworup Ranjit.

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