Back-To-School; Back-To-Reality


As August comes to an end and September draws near, I look back on my back-to-school, back-to-reality, back-to-life days and reflect on how quickly adulthood became my life and back-to-reality is just simply, well, reality.

When I was in school, there were marks on my post-it-polluted, scribble-marked, overly-highlighted weekly planner that told me what was next: First day of classes, Midterms, Fall Break, Finals, Winter Break, First Day of classes, Midterms, Spring Break, Finals, Summer Vacation. Repeat. [Of course this is a more abbreviated version.] 

My Moleskin looks a lot different now. These marks on my calendar became due dates for bills, appointments with so-and-so, planned travel dates and day-offs that only lasts a couple of days instead of weeks, or months even. 

There was something about being twenty-something without 8AM classes, back-to-back exams and routine days that was so desirable. The concept of adulthood was an escapism in my adolescent mind. As much as I do love the freedom of this reality to do whatever the hell I please, there are still lessons I have yet to learn outside the four walls of a lecture hall. And I think this is something I underestimated as a teenager daydreaming of being twenty-something in her 8AM classes.

Adulthood is seemingly easier when you're stressing over an exam the next day or a research paper at 2AM. But here's the harsh truth to it all:

Life doesn't get easier, it doesn't get harder, you just become better at it. 

And you'll find yourself surprised at how comfortable you are when you're going against the grain in a world full of norms.


Featuring the Wiley Wedge Sandal by Dr. Scholls.
Photography by Sworup Ranjit.