Be Careful What You Wish For

I feel like I always begin these blog posts with some sort of connection to the weather. Well, here I go again. Last week was so full of June gloom that it had me deep in reverie about a more perfect summer that included happy, sunny days and a million miles of clear blue sky. While I got the latter, I think I should have emphasized "happy" more when describing my dreamy sunny days. Be careful what you wish for because sometimes you might just get too much of what you want and somehow it still doesn't satisfy. A million miles of blue sky above me yet this heat wave and humidity has me wishing for a little bit of breeze and a little bit of gloom again, the kind that requires a little summer layering. 



 TAIPEI Tortoise by Blanc & Eclare,
 Everlasting Sienna Lace Shift Dress in by Shop Tobi,
Dominique Long Boots with Perspex Heel in Black by Public Desire.

Photography by Jason Payas.

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