Behind The Scenes


Sometimes when the door doesn't open, it's not your door and when you can't find a door that opens, you must build one.

My mama taught me that in life, you're put in situations that aren't the best but you always have to make the best out of the situation.

Rather than faking it until making it, here's the honest truth behind being a "blogger."

I put the word in quotation marks because I believe we are so much more than that. There are so many stigmas associated to bloggers. We're constantly mocked on social media. People believe we are only in it for the free clothes, the sponsored posts, the sponsored events, the social media fame. And as much as your girl can take a joke, it really gets under my skin. But you know what? Jealousy and envy isn't becoming of anyone.

Blogging was something I started in the middle of college as part of my digital résumé in the Journalism world. 

Street Style Teller was not built overnight and to be frank, I didn't know I was slowly building a door to so many opportunities when I launched it. 




One of the biggest lessons I've learned as a blogger is that most of the time, you gotta make things happen all on your own and sometimes you have help from your good, talented friends. 

Bloggers are entrepreneurs, business women (and men), creative directors, editors, our own make-up artists, our own stylists, our own assistants.

But until I master the self-timer on a camera much like Margaret Zhang, I do need a little help from my talented photographer friends.

If you've ever been curious, this is how I go about my photoshoots:

1. Ask a photographer friend or any friend to shoot you with ANY camera. 

2. Look at the weather app and choose a day to shoot on a warmer day.

3. Watch a ton of Youtube make-up videos on how to slay a contour.

4. Wear sneakers and bring gorgeous (but painful) heeled boots to location.

5. Walk around aimlessly until you find a good location to shoot.

6. Wear an outfit you plan to wear to fashion week weeks before actual fashion week. 


In collaboration with WestKei1 and Nordstrom Rack.
Photography by Sworup Ranjit.