Beyond Facebook Invites | Invitation That’s Not So Basic


Classic favorites are not a thing of the past after all. Popular trends in fashion and in lifestyle decades ago are slowly coming back and I treasure them more than ever now. I'm talking about denim on denim, overalls, physical copies of music, record players, handwritten letters, old school polaroids, film cameras, self-adhesive photo albums and invitations beyond Facebook invite notifications.

As a 90's kid, I've witnessed every form of entertainment and fun transform into something digital. All of a sudden, physical versions of anything is obsolete. If it's not on a screen and instantaneous then it's cooler than cool. Sometimes, I reminisce on days in my childhood where not everything was quickly served on a silver digitalized platter. I didn't know it back then but somehow old desktops with floppy disk drives, slow Internet and scratched CDs that would cause my Walkman to skip a Britney Spears song really made me humble and patient with life. I mean, does anyone remember when attending a party required you to send back the invitation with your RSVP rather than a click of a button on Facebook? Yeah, me too.



Last month, a few close friends and I surprised our best friend to a boozy brunch for her 25th birthday in New York City. I thought it was the perfect time to work with Basic Invite and be extra sentimental and customize the perfect invitations for her. Basic Invite is an online stationary brand that has unlimited designs and color options with instant previews to make sure the invitations are exactly how you want it down to the very last detail. From the font options to the font sizes to the paper textures and envelopes to match, Basic Invite really made it hard to choose. In the end, I gravitated towards my best friend's favorite colors back in high school which were lime green and the color pink. Although she is more into blacks and neutral color palettes now, I thought it was a funny and reminiscent touch. 

Milestones in your mid-20s are not that far to reach. I have friends that are moving into their own place, getting married, expecting children, turning the big 25 or just achieving their career goals and I think to celebrate all of these milestones require a little more thought and a little more effort. I don't think every personal event in our lives should equate to a mass invitation to a weekend event happening on the other side of the country. I think physical invitations are great for keepsakes and can hold a more sentimental value than a Facebook invite.



This post is sponsored by Basic Invite but thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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