Caught In Ruffled Reverie


It's June. Whenever I reach this particular month of the year, my mind wonders off to two simple thoughts: never-ending sunny happy days and a million miles of blue skies above me and checked off boxes on my laundry list of resolutions written in the beginning of the year.

But while expectations sky rocket and daydreams of said never-ending happy sunshine days commence, the sound of New York City rain hitting my umbrella breaks my reverie. This gloom is in fact our current reality.

Every new month poses the same mentality: new month, new possibilities. Whether it's one month or six months into the new year, there is always room for change and progress if you aren't afraid to let it happen. With that said, how are your New Year's resolutions going? For me, my list consisted a lot of DOING AND BEING MORE IN 2017. From traveling more to reading more and being present more to simply being myself more;

I am still working on it. 


Wearing Contast Embroidered Mesh Yoke Ruffle Sleeve Top
by She In.

Photography by Jason Payas.

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