Creative Funks and Downpour Rain


It's mid-May and I still can't let go of leather. While stripes, embroidery and florals are something out of my ordinary staples, spring truly does inspire.

Creative funks are real and when it hits you, it seems like you've run into an abrupt stop, a metaphorical wall. New York's bipolar changes in weather from sunshine and downpour rain reminds me a lot of my creative drive and motivation. Somehow one always affects the other. One day, the light bulbs are endlessly turning on then the next it's pitch black. But just like most things, the rain never lasts. Turns out a little bit of light and a piece of sunshine can do wonders to human spirit.

 Just like embracing the unlikely details in my developing style and wardrobe, I am also slowly learning to accept the rain as much as I do the sunshine. 

Wearing Embroidered Striped Shirt by West Kei.

Photography by Jason Payas.

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