Creative Roots

This blogging journey has made me curiouser and curiouser.

It's rare to know where other people's creativity in the industry stems from. I'm always wondering as to why and how a pair of pants, a simple T-shirt or a timeless purse came to fruition. I'm always curious as to why and how another blogger curates their blog and what inspires their craft.

For designer Alyssa Thompson, creativity stems from two important women in her life: her mother and her grandmother. She was raised to always live her life out loud and she was taught that ordinary things can be easily transformed into something extraordinary.

Jotting down ideas on a piece of paper, LEGOS somehow made the list. Alyssa Thompson is a creative-driven individual and she knew her ideas cannot be ignored. She knew she had to share it to the world. So she took an ordinary purse and impressively turned it into something much more;

A LEGO Art Purse.

After a cup of coffee and a conversation, I started to think about my own creative roots.

Whether it's my father's effortless penmanship and ability to literally fix anything that breaks or my mother's meticulous eye for her daily wardrobe and ability to make any hardship seem less hard, I marveled over every single thing my parents can do.

My creative mind and drive for life stems from my parents.

All I know is that nothing is ever created without intent and everything has a reason.

You see, they give us a box of crayons when we were little and they tell us to color inside the lines. And when we get older, they exchange those box of crayons with textbooks about science, history, mathematics and other subjects we are suppose to learn.

And then we reach adulthood.

We demand for the box of crayons back but this time we color outside the lines for as much and as long as we want.

In collaboration with Live Out Loud Always.

Featuring the "We The Fashion" LEGO Art Purse.