Dare to Discover


"The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are."

"The second greatest is being happy with what you find."

But see, people often forget that the process of self-discovery is endless.

We are constantly evolving with every interaction and every experience we have.

Discovering ourselves isn't a challenge at all;

But to have the desire to explore and find ourselves in this world certainly is.

Conforming to society's norms can hinder us from ever being our true selves.

We are often told how to be, what to think and why we are.

Let the world know who you are, what you think and why you are.


Dare to discover all aspects of you.

Because you don't know what you might happily find.

In collaboration with Style Coveteur Official.

Featuring the Finders Keepers Lay It Down Top.

Photography by Kim Geronimo.