Denim Denim Denim

There's something about tourists and their behaviors in new places that are inexplicably vexing to locals.

For me, it's Times Square and the countless selfie sticks that seemingly camouflage as clutching appendages enhancing every photograph and enabling everyone to reach their full photographer potential while I constantly dodge and weave through Pokemon hunts and Disney mascot photo ops en route to my destination.

With that said, I did all what tourists do in Canada this passed weekend and judgmental looks from local passersby seemed too familiar. I was the spectacle instead of the spectator. And it felt immensely jarring to be on the other side of that whole tourists in new places scenario.

But one factor in this formula that I completely looked over is that tourists will do as they please without a care in world, no matter how peeved you are.




Tim Horton's, Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, Ripley's Aquarium and every thing under top tourism attraction listicles Google rabbit holes have taken me paired with every Drake lyric ever written was on my cliché of must to-do list while I was in Toronto this passed weekend.

On top of that said cliché list of "must do" was my cliché list of "must wear." 

*Cue all references that include James Dean in denim, the Super Mario Brothers denim-denim-denim theme song and cue flashback photos of Brit and JT's head to toe denim on denim look circa 2001.*

I wore my own take on a Canadian Tuxedo....

in Canada. 



And Check.

In collaboration with Fashion Bunker and The Fifth Label
Wearing Fact and Fiction Top with Fact and Fiction Pant  from
Three Fold collection.