Don't Plead The Fifth

The end of the year always leaves me thinking about every single stupendous high and every single inevitable, self-discovery-inspiring low.

Twelve months, Twelve lessons.


JANUARY | Beginnings

It's never too late to start something you've always wanted to do. Instead of doubt, put passion, love and action behind every creative thought and idea in your head and witness all your dreams slowly come to fruition.  

FEBRUARY | Appreciate

Say "Thank You" multiple times. It's okay to say it too much. Let that person know that their kind acts do not go unnoticed. Be grateful when people genuinely give you something you can't possibly give back in return.

MARCH | Self

There will be moments when it seems like the whole world is against you. There will be moments when it seems like you've got no one else but yourself. Let people's doubts of you fuel your determination. It's true, at the end of it all, no one can give you happiness and no one can achieve your goals better than yourself. Focus on yourself.

APRIL | Travel

If not now, then when? Everyone has debts. Be responsible with your bills but also be responsible for yourself. Satisfy your crave for travel. It's true, it's an investment that will only make you richer.


MAY | Finish Lines

It's okay to be in your early twenties and be so focused in your career. Millennials aren't taken seriously these days and in this generation, being career-oriented is the path less desired. Focus on you and nobody else. That finish line is closer than it seems.

JUNE | Endings

Know when things are over. Know when to let things go. Know when your efforts have been exhausted. No closure is sometimes the only closure you're going to get. And it's totally okay.

JULY | Nature

Escape the city life from time to time. Climb up some rocks. Hike up some mountains. Discover nature. See the world where Mother Nature intended you to see it. It is breathtaking and beautiful.

AUGUST | Forgive

It's mentally and physically unhealthy to hold hard feelings or grudges on anyone for any reason. Forgive those that have done you wrong for your own sake. Forgive them but never forget. 



Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind, especially in fashion. Everyone always has something to say. Wear what you want! 


When you love, do it wholeheartedly. No one deserves to be half-loved. Let them do their thing just like they let you do your thing. Work for your individual goals while creating new ones together. Support each other. When you love, do it wholeheartedly.

NOVEMBER | Reminders

Birthdays are great reminders of where you are in your life. It's important to know it's okay to not be where you want to be yet. Some things are really worth the wait. Have patience.

DECEMBER | Gift of Time

Instead of materialistic luxuries, value time with your loved ones, especially your parents! Don't be so busy with your own life that you forget who gave it to you. 


The end of 2015 left me with many mind-boggling questions.

But I'm not pleading the fifth because it left me with far more lessons I will never forget.


In collaboration with Fashion Bunker and The Fifth Label.

Wearing The Fifth Picture This Jumper in Black.

Photography by Kim Geronimo.