Express Yourself: Kenzo x H&M


What is this? No neutral-colored wall as a backdrop? Is that orange? Is that graffiti? Where's the white and black or even gray? 

Ladies & gents:
I think I grew up.

Kenzo and H&M taught me to embrace the fashion world in all its colors instead of seeing things in black and white. Color is fun too, inspiring even. 

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the KENZO x H&M Fashion Show. The all black, uniquely square-shaped venue was quickly filled with celebrities and fashion people. Oblivious to what we were about to witness, everyone took their seat and an orchestra [yes, an orchestra!] started playing. The black curtain silhouette revealed a stage in the middle of the venue with dancers dressed in KENZO X HM. If that's not impressive enough, a very well organized and choreographed fashion show was upon us. Instead of models walking the catwalk, they danced to the music "Express Yourself!" [which by the way, was stuck in my head for days.]



The vibe was so electrifying and energetic, I wanted to express myself, stand up from my crowd and join them! 

After the final model dance party, the pop-up shop opened, confetti hit the floor, Chinese food was served, glasses of champagne went around, Ice Cube took the stage and everyone literally had got over hump day the right way.

I would relive the night all over again if I could. 

The KENZO X H&M Collection is now officially available in stores and online. 

Check it out here and don't forget to always express yourself!

Wearing the Jungle Kenzo Paris T-Shirt. 

Photography by Kim Geronimo