Flirting With Summer

I look at summer in admiration. It is a season so free from routine and expectation under the sun and the breeze surrounded only in the here and the now. The words spontaneity and adventure are so linked to this season yet I find myself immersed in words that mean the complete opposite. When weeks begin on a Friday and weekends fall in the middle of the week, this is how my long holiday weekend is shaping up to be: a nightly rest of a whopping four hours of sleep, juggling my focus on two totally different kinds of managing work (because surprise, surprise, Street Style Teller is not all that I do) while trying to keep up with the lightbulbs turning on and off inside my head.

As much as I want to only live in the here and the now and the present moment, I'm reminiscing back to the beginning of summer when I hopped on an early bus ride with a couple of my friends and spontaneously ventured (there are those words linked to summer) to the less traveled parts of Philadelphia for a day where iPads and tourists did not exist and Philly cheesesteaks were not on the agenda. Although I'm not sure if I would
wear this ensemble to a July 4th barbecue, I believe this is how my long holiday weekend should look and feel – With the hair imperfectly tousled by the wind and a wardrobe choice of layering two off-the-shoulder tops tucked into a skirt matched with gold booties made complete sense.