Fortune Of My Existence

"Mondays are the bane of my existence," said almost everyone on social media.

Mondays cause many people misery. 

T-minus 5 long days to the weekend...

Monday means going back to our hectic, routine-driven days of the week.

Wake up earlier than we want to, grab coffee from our usual coffee spot, grind at school or work or both and put in more hours than we want to, deal with different kinds of people, grab lunch and dinner when and where we can, watch a favorite television show or two if we have time, catch up on more homework or more work at home, and sleep. 

Wake up. It's Tuesday. Repeat.

T-minus 4 more days.

Most people dread Mondays, I look forward to them. I see Monday as a fresh start to my week.

Yes, our well deserved two-day vacation is over and we're back to our hectic, routine-driven days.

But what's so wrong with that?

As much as I like the getaway the weekend brings, I appreciate the weekday's consistence.

There's something special about the workplaces we return to. Don't dread it. Appreciate it. 

Always remember that no one does your work like you do. That's why it's your job. 

So why not start looking forward to Mondays? 

"Mondays are the fortune of my existence," said just me, apparently.