Birthday with Jord Wood Watches

As much as I don't want to be a year closer to 25, it's my birthday.

So there's that.

When I was 16, I thought 24 is such a good age to be. You're considered an adult but you can still have all the fun. But I've since learned that nobody really takes you seriously until you have bags under your eyes and wrinkles. 

Or a really cool watch.

To avoid the watch crisis, JORD Wood Watches and I thought to give you a present. I'm giving away one of these incredible watches to make my birthday feel more less like Black Friday and more like Thanksgiving because I'm pretty grateful for you guys.

And here's the best part of it all – you get to choose which one you want that fits your style the best.

So to win a cool, unique watch, all you have to do is enter.

Make sure to fill out your name and email on the above link.

You will instantly receive a $25 discount code just by entering.

Let me know what watch you decided to choose. I'm just curious!

Thanks again for being an avid reader on Street Style Teller.

I hope you guys have a safe, full and happy thanksgiving weekend!!

In collaboration with JORD Wood Watches.

Wearing the FRANKIE Series Zebrawood and Champagne.

Photography by Kim Geronimo.

This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.