In The Neighborhood | 10 Tops with Statement Puff Sleeve

I love quiet Saturdays in the neighborhood. While everyone is away on vacation for the week or just the beach for the weekend, I get to discover how Saturday brunch is like in an empty restaurant. It was filled with complete and utter peach and silence and time felt obsolete. After snapping a few shots around town, it was nice to put our phones aside and just enjoy each other's company; deep in conversation without having to repeat what we say. There's really something relaxing about days like today.

From the place we went to for brunch to what I wore for the day, everything was done with little to no thought. I knew I wanted to wear this blouse with statement puff sleeves and pair it with these black distressed denim overalls. We ran the day on our own terms, on our own time. I need more days like today. I'm glad Saturdays exists.


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