Just Another Tuesday

Some might call today Valentine's Day, Single Awareness Day, Another Hallmark Holiday, February 14th

And some might call it as I would call it:

Just Another Tuesday.

I think today is such an arbitrary day. I've never been a fan of it. 

People are forced to be affectionate and somehow expectations are so high. People are made aware of how single they are. Flowers and chocolates are double the price. Dinner reservations are hard to find. As clichΓ© as it sounds, I do think we should be loving and grateful every single damn day without any excuse of a calendar reminding us to do so.

Today is just another Tuesday and Day Six(?) of New York Fashion Week for me.

I woke up and selfishly decided to skip all of the shows I got invited to for the simple fact that in between all of the fashion mania, I felt myself needing a little me time. He went to work and after sleeping in, I spent my day in comfy clothes, a hair bun with no make-up drafting email responses, editing photos and blog posts on Street Style Teller.
He brought me home my favorite Java Chip Frappuccino (which stayed the price that it always is) and he told me I'm not ugly and that he loves me a lot.

Happiest Tuesday to you guys too!

Wearing Bebe Patchwork Denim Jeans (similar) under Black Dress by West Kei, Aldo Purse (similar) and Alexander Wang Jean Jacket (similar).