Let What You Love Be What You Do


When the going gets tough,
remember that
you are


What a year its already been!  

Lately, it has been hard to put my feelings into words and to even write it down 

I have always been apathetic towards our country's political state and I tend to avoid any participation on the topic when it becomes the very center of every discussion. But the results of the recent election hit me deepest into my core. I know this because I think about it all the time. I am reminded of it all the time. And each time, my heart feels heavy, my blood boils from anger. I am continuously reminded of the body and the skin that I am in.

I am a woman, a minority and an immigrant in America.

Growing up, I experienced the contrast and sharp distinction in society as a privileged person in a third world country who lived a block away from "squatters" in tinfoil houses to living in a predominantly white neighborhood in America as the "other." I, then experienced diversity in its truest inside the hallowed halls of public academia – a melting pot for cultural identities different from America. 



My parents shared a dream for a better life for our family and while America was a foreign place to them, they were determined and driven to pursue a life that is worthwhile and meaningful most especially for their children. As I reflect on it now, every single decision I have made and every risk that I've taken in my career or anything i n my life is rooted down to the values and the ideas they've ingrained in me. One of them is that I have the power to choose. In this case, I choose to stay silent or choose to speak up.

It stopped being Democrats or Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives, Left or Right Wing, Blue or Red, when he disregarded everything that America was built on: diversity, inclusivity and dreams.

The increasing sense of disconnect, helplessness and confusion
has really left me to question
the world we live in today
yet it has also opened my eyes
to realize that all change is
not always growth and not all movement is always forward.


Street Style Teller is an extension of me
and everything I am.

I will never understand why anyone wouldn't
dare choose to share their deepest thoughts and
be vocal most especially in these times.
I think it's important to join the conversation.
Hell, or even start it.

When the going gets tough, we are stronger together.

Even though these infuriating times are paralyzing,
we should let what we love be what we do and continue to
let it inspire us and others to do great things. 
In the midst of chaos, we must keep stillness inside us.

There have been many comforting movements in this
country that keep my hopes and faith in humanity high.
The Woman's March in Washington (and all over the country)
reminds me again of my power to choose.

I choose to not be silent.
And I hope to anyone reading this to choose the same.


"Silence for fear of losing followers in
crises like these is the saddest
use of the Internet."
– Rowan Blanchard


Photography by Rowland Martinez / Rough Drahft.