Like A Touchstone

Wake up at 4:30AM, catch two trains, hop on a cab, unlock the doors, clock in at 6AM, serve coffee to New Yorkers then go home. 

That's my life's routine in a nutshell five to six days a week. 

We're so caught up in our everyday lives and being present that our past is something that rarely crosses our minds. It's like a star in the universe that eventually burns out and turns into dust. There are just a lot of new things to learn and way too many things to think about. We constantly have the urge to update ourselves on new technology, new trends, new information that we focus on the present and the future leaving the past out of orbit around our minds. 

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But in the midst of our everyday, no matter the routine, no matter the passage of time, no matter the events that take place in our lives, there are some things we cannot keep to oblivion. There are memories that are deeply etched into our brains. They linger in us forever, like a touchstone.

As the plane landed in Hawaii, it reminded me of home and that for me, is the Philippines. I experienced both rain and sunshine in a matter of minutes. The tourist trolleys almost looked like jeepneys. The white sand complimented the beaches that were crystal blue. The houses didn't look the same at all. They all had their own individual charm.

Hawaii reminded me of the lifestyle that I grew up with in the Philippines. I know no matter how consumed I get with the busy lifestyle New York offers, that's something that will always linger in my mind. It's something that will always humble me and remind me of who I am. 

I regard that memory as the touchstone of my whole being.

Shot in Oahu, Hawaii.

In Partnership with Susanna Galanis.