"The waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth."

- Heinrich Zimmer

The sun rises on the east. The sun sets on the west. And the sun rises at 5:34am in Cape May, New Jersey. 

The idea of seeing night turn into day (and vice versa) anywhere in the world is appealing to me. No matter the season, t's an inevitable commitment in any new place I visit. And seeing the sunrise at the very last exit on the parkway is special. There was something personally metaphysical about the break of dawn and exit zero.

With the knowledge of our location (being at the most southern tip of the Garden State) and the fact that the sun rises on the east, my friends and I still completely missed dawn breaking.

And I honestly have no laughable occurrence in mind that explains the story of my life more than this one.

As I felt the next day's sun mocking and rising above me, I found myself staring at its reflection on the sand. I look up and it is now sitting adjacent above my head. It wasn't making fun of me after all. It was simply reminding me that plans do not go as planned for a reason and we were destined for a better view than the breaking of dawn.

My tired eyes ventured out to the seemingly immeasurable abyss between the sea and the sky and I couldn't help but feel limitless too. I am boundless as the sea.

It was almost 7am and the locals in this charming little town is slowly making their way into the new day. 

The roads on our walk back weren't so abandoned now. A few stores were opening, a few people were jogging and some had coffee in their hands heading to the same spot to marvel at the same view I just had the privilege of seeing. The sun has now made its way up reminding us that everything it touches is ours for the taking.

Change has been a difficult phenomenon for me to embrace but one that I will always appreciate. Change is coming to this space on the Internet and I am so ready to introduce it.

Wearing Lariat Kimono by O'Neill Women's

Photography by Jason Payas