Manifesting My Lane


"There's no competition when you're manifesting your own lane." 

- Unknown

From grade school to pre-adulthood, we are made to believe in constant comparison, especially toward others with similar interests as us.

Whether it is my craft in fashion or my craft in writing, I often questioned my abilities in the world of varying creatives that surrounded me every single day. I held success and talent on a high pedestal and whoever is more successful and more talented was deemed to be on a pedestal higher. 

But F*CK that thought and sense of thinking!

My eyes were opened to a better process of thinking: JUST BE ME AND DO ME.

 I learned to always just do my best in all that I choose to do in my life. In the words of Maya Angelou, "when you know better, do better," and that's exactly what I am doing.

The simple act of creating (in fashion and in writing) is already an extraordinary thing and already an achievement in itself. 

It might sound totally clichรฉ but life is really all about perspective. The moment I learned to idolize myself and focus on my own betterment as a creative and as a person, I gained the confidence and happiness within myself to keep striving and keep going.

Remind yourself often that you're manifesting your own lane and mastering your own craft(s).

Your only competition is who you were yesterday.

In collaboration with Fashion Bunker and The Fifth Label.

Wearing Front Row Dress and Front Row Pants from their Artisan drop.

Photography by Kim Geronimo.