ManRepeller Mindset

Aside from the chance of winning a one-on-one mentorship with Leandra at the H&M New York Showroom and having first pick of the H&M Studio AW’16 collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week, plus accommodations to the 2016 Bloglovin’ Awards during New York Fashion Week in September and a feature story for H&M Magazine and a nomination for the Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year Award at the 2016 Bloglovin’ Awards [no big deal!], I also truly wanted to channel the Man Repeller mindset and share the experience:

On our trip to [not the first, but second] H&M store in Soho, my photographer friend had compelled me to explore an idea she suggested about a two-piece printed ensemble: "What if you try this on in the dressing room and we'll shoot it here?"

[Side note: I completely adored the said two-piece printed ensemble but it was not available in my size.]

Slowly inching away from the man in charge of the dressing room, my hesitation heightened. What if this isn't allowed. 

"Hey man, is it cool if I try this on then shoot it?" I asked.

"I'm not going in there with you," he said jokingly. "Who's going to stop you? I am not going to stop you."

This is a method of communication that a Man Repeller would prefer, therefore, so did I.

After changing into this printed pair [unfortunately four sizes too big], I ran out of the dressing room and into the white, well-lit stairs. The pants were flared out at the bottom but tight to the waist (thank you, creator of drawstrings). The top hung lose but that's nothing a little tuck-in can't fix. I am ready for this impromptu photoshoot. 

The stairs led to the men's section of the store so there were many passersby going up and down the stairs. Some piercingly glared at what we were doing, some awkwardly smiled and some completely avoided our path. After several man repelling later, I continued to pose and my friend continued to shoot. After exploring all angles and every area of the staircase, we finally decided to return the something borrowed. [Note: I went in this direction instead of something new, old or]

Reminiscing on it now, this experience definitely made the list of "what is [blogger] life" moments I've accumulated over the years. I was reminded of the confidence in simply being able to laugh at myself and completely get out of my comfort zone.

I may not have found the outfit in my size but this experience is still a huge win.