Meant For You


I'm slowly learning that patience is a virtue and that great things do take time.

I'm 23 and I graduated college almost ten months ago.

Ten months may not seem much to anyone but when you're a recent college graduate in search of that one career-breaking job, ten months is nearing some sort of deadline in your post-grad life. (Okay, I'm being totally dramatic.) But I knew job search post-graduation would be hard, but not this hard! 

After probably 1,000 or so job applications and ten actual responses, (4 saying the position has been filled, 3 saying you do not qualify for the position and 3 asking you to come in for an interview and 1 of 3 interviews being your dream job) and landing zero of said job positions, it IS discouraging. 

But you know what? (I've said this in previous posts), what's meant for you will always be for you! And what's meant for me will always be for me! It just takes time before it's finally yours and that's okay!

I wake up every single day and apply to 1,000 more waiting on that one magical response. I'm learning to thrive in the blessings and successes that I have right now.

It may not be my dream job, but blogging and serving coffee to tons of New Yorkers enables me to save, pay my college tuition/ other adult bills, travel whenever I want and connect with people who I probably wouldn't have a chance to.

I'm between I want it and I got it. You probably are to. 

Know it is OKAY! 

We will all get to where we are headed. 

Wearing Zara x Comme des Garçons.

(Thanks for the gift, friend. You know who you are.)

Photography by Kim Geronimo.

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