Street Style Teller

style Teller

It has been almost two years since I launched this space on the internet.

Surrounded by the growing mediascape and social influencers two years ago and working in the fashion industry and stumbling upon the brilliant works of Margaret Zhang, Leandra Medine, 
Chriselle Lim, Aimee Song and Nicole Warne, I simply wanted to begin my own. But hey, you can't have a website without a website name. So in the midst of my desires of producing content to the world, I introduced a self-titled website called

My initial motive for this blog was to document my pinch-me-moments, my fashion, my experiences, my thoughts and my lessons both visually and narratively. I have worked with various brands and talents throughout the years that only helped me realize my full potential as a creative. I certainly didn't know I would have over six thousand plus pairs of eyes view my work every single month. If you've been an avid reader or if you've stopped by once, thank you deeply. I appreciate you for simply being here, supporting me and reading what I share.

After blogging for almost two years and after evolving in this space on the World Wide Web, I am happy to have finally found my niche. Street Style Teller will not predict the future of street style [like a fortune teller] but will continue to share my own life experiences and lessons through street style telling [like a storyteller]. 


In collaboration with Fashion Bunker and The Fifth Label.

Wearing Arrivals Dress from their Nostalgia collection.

Photography by James Lanning.