New Year, Better Hustle | Three Ways To Stay On The Grind


You might have noticed I’ve been posting quite more frequently on the blog. One of my realizations towards the end of last year is that it’s not what we do once in a while that gets us to our goals and furthers our future but what we do consistently to feed our souls and creative minds. There have been several moments in 2017 where I allowed excuses to hinder me from doing what I really want to do and start something I really want to start. I know I’m not the only one. The thing is, being “too busy” is a choice. It always comes down to how much we really want to sacrifice and prioritize for ourselves and our own future. Not investing in yourself cannot be justified by "It's okay, I was busy/tired."

It's winter season. I could not imagine to be anywhere else than a bungalow in a secluded island drinking coffee without a care in the world. But unfortunately that's not the case. Around this time of the year I always find myself a little more sluggish and unmotivated to do anything. The weather is not inspiring and it is definitely just too unbearable and uncomfortable to do anything. But again, the drop in temperatures cannot justify the lack of content or the lack of creativity that can spark. I used to think it does. Even though the year is just starting out, I don’t want this drive and motivation to post literally everyday to go away just as some fresh resolutions do in a few weeks. So to stay motivated and inspired, I decided to invest in myself in more ways than I could imagine. I only hope to inspire you to invest in yourself too.

1. Think of your workspace and make your own damn coffee.
I know as content creators and influencers, going to coffee shops to work is the ideal choice especially for the gram but for me, I somehow feel less focused and ideas seem to get jumbled up when I'm in a crowded space with people talking over each other. I also find myself more anxious like will I get the best table with a plug nearby? Is the wifi reliable? To me, the whole ordeal is just unnecessary on days that stuff needs to get done. I recently bought my own french press to stay home and do work in the comfort of my own home on my desk or on my kitchen table surrounded by my own playlist.

2. Have a plan and stick to it. Create mood boards and write ideas down on a planner.
Although I work well under pressure, I still need some sort of guideline to what I am creating. In the age of Instagram and Pinterest and technology, I still enjoy physical copies of my thoughts written from pen to paper. We are often triggered by what we see on social media but instead of having instantaneous ideas fly over our heads with pinned posts and saved images that can be easily forgotten in the next second, why not make physical mood boards for the bigger projects with all of things that inspire you? I also love planning the week ahead with a planner. Even if events don't go as planned, I like seeing where I am at with my weekly plans.

3. Spend time away only to gain focus. Never lose sight of the bigger picture.
Sometimes, I spend too much time staring at a blank screen waiting for ideas to come to me when I can channel my energy somewhere else and regain focus or inspiration. Just like most things, sometimes you have to turn yourself off for a little bit in order for the lightbulb in your head to work again. Recently for me, this means cooking meals, going to the gym, designing the new apartment and hanging out with friends that fill my life with laughs and inspiration for a better life. Before I know it, all I have to do is sit and ideas will flow and I am writing. (But to be honest, for me to actually make it to the gym, I need cute gym clothes for motivation. If you're like me, here's some of that!


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