New York Fashion Week with Amy Odell.

"The secret to being stylish is to look like you didn't try at all when you actually tried really fucking hard."

- AMY ODELL, Editor of, Tales From The Back Row.


I don't even know what day of New York Fashion Week this was but I was headed to VOGUE's Retreat at Parlor. The event ran from 10am - 4pm. It was designed for New York Fashion Week goers willing to take a break and have delicious hors d'oeuvres, mimosas, champagne, get their nails and hair done. It was indeed such a treat!

I'm a blogger but I'm not ManRepeller or WeWoreWhat so I had all the downtime I needed.

I didn't want to be there at exactly 10am so I invited my friend Kathleen (who I thought would enjoy this lovely NYFW treat with me) and told her we'll go past noon. 

I started getting ready at noon.


 All I was thinking about this whole week was Amy Odell's book Tales From The Back Row: An Outsider's View Inside The Fashion Industry. In her book, she constantly said the quote up above. Be stylish but don't look like you tried. Look like you threw something on and out the door. I can't help but think of the outfits I would wear to the events and shows I had the privilege to get invited to. 


I went with black jeans, black tank and black boots with a pop of orange with curls (that took longer than anticipated) and a simple makeup look.

(Because it was almost Fall. Yes, this was truly my mentality going into this look.)

I had just bought this loose fit jacket from H&M for $15 and I thought it was the perfect statement piece to the whole outfit. And what better way to show off a statement piece than with a simple canvas? I chose black because I really wanted to channel the spirit of Fall and I wanted my outfit to scream the colors of Halloween.

Totally kidding. 

I'm just one of those people that think you can never ever go wrong with black. And I had also just bought these new shoes so what better way to break them in than during New York Fashion Week?


After two hours later, I was headed to Parlor to meet Kat. 

The hair that I tried so fucking hard to curl with a straightener had flattened on my walk to the train. My walk to the train led me to realize breaking in new shoes during NYFW might not be the best fashion idea and maybe I should've decided to carry an umbrella that matched my outfit because the blue one that I was carrying did not.


And seeing Jessica Joffe at VOGUE's Retreat who looked effortlessly chic in what I assume to be a DVF dress sitting on the chair getting her already gorgeous hair done in casual, wavy curls wearing her cool, chic-er sandals made me feel like I just wasted two hours of my life. 

Kat and I sat there nonchalantly drinking champagne and mimosas and eating all of the delicious hors d'oeuvres we were being served while in the presence of JESSICA JOFFE!

She got her nails done before Kat and I did. Kat ended up sitting where she sat. It was awesome.

There have been many "what is life" moments in my life and this was definitely one of them.


Photography by Allyza Umali.