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A little bird [Twitter] told me today marks "National Social Media Day."
I'm not quite sure when all of these "national days" were created or why days are deemed as such but my best guess is that it all began on, well, social media.

There's something mind-boggling about having to frequent spaces on the internet that are essentially extensions of you, your aesthetic and your life.

And on that note, I contemplate the ideas and the realities of personal style by itself and aesthetic as a whole in relation to social media platforms.


I like the idea of Snapchat and Instagram.

I like Snapchat and its promise of 24-hour allotted expiration of the up-to-ten-second selfies and videos with the ever-so-popular dog or flower headband filters, geotags and time stamps. I like the idea of sneaking a peek into someone's daily life; celebrity or not. 

I like Instagram and its instantaneous nature of bringing creatives and similar-minded people together. I like the idea of hashtags and propelling us to discover other people's talents and passions.

But I think we forget that every quick update we view while scrolling down a screen are only what they allow us to see. That's not just the reality of Snapchat and Instagram but all social media platforms as well. And I think we forget that each platform is used differently by each user. Now should we consider each use of respective platforms as separate styles or a person's whole aesthetic?

If you have been following me on Snapchat and Instagram, you would know I use these social media platforms very differently. 

Take this marble watch for example. When I received the package in the mail, I quickly unboxed it and shared it on Snapchat rather than Instagram. 

The concept of marble anything has been profoundly attached and deemed a favorite trend to the minimalist approach all over social media, most popularly on Instagram. While minimalism is an appealing thought, I don't think I embrace it as deeply as others do but minimalism is certainly part of what makes up my personal style.

I could have easily posted the marble dial on my feed but chose to quickly share it on Snapchat instead because like I said, each platform is used differently by each user. Ironically though, my Snapchat is a lot more instantaneous than my INSTAgram. 

Personal aesthetic is a concept you decide on your own. For me, it runs from two ends of the style spectrum: a tomboy in sneakers with messy hair to a lady in classy heels with messy hair and every androgynous combination in between [still with messy hair.] Soir Nº47 Mesh is a watch made to match my personal style.

Nicole Vienna prompts a thought, "Material, tone, and feeling are the components making up your personal style, regardless of where it is applied."

On that note, I see aesthetic as a whole. I truly believe our social medias are extensions of ourselves just in the same way our personal styles and accessories are regardless of what we are wearing or the different ways in which it is being shared on all social media platforms. 

At the end of the day, we're the ones in control of what is being shared with others and how it is being viewed by others. 

In collaboration with Nicole Vienna.

Wearing  Soir Nº47 Mesh.

Photography by Jason Payas.