Nirvana with @ElizAndJames

Set Scene:

A silhouette of a
girl with messy unbraided
hair GOES back and forth
to set the self timer
on a camera strategically
boxes on two bar stools
stacked together to form
a makeshift tripod
and a few feet away is
a five- headed floor lamp
that acts as a source
of  "studio" light.

Fragrances and I have been on a rough patch over the years – largely because I am constantly rushing out of the door leaving my poor collection of perfumes as decorative accents on my table. Further, given what seems to be the generation of the on-the-go mentality, I've never really taken the time to think deeply about fragrances in ways other than the way they smell. Which is very unlike me. Because four years of journalism school taught me to question a product's purpose and its fruition into the world more than a designer intended a consumer would.

But leave it to Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen to introduce two new fragrances that sparks the inspiration in me to think about my own ultimate state of happiness beyond their two new gorgeously bottled scents.

For fragrances that embodies notes of geranium, rose de mai and vetiver or blending tones of vanilla bourbon with oakwood and hints of tuberose, perhaps both expected to be worn outside of an empty apartment hallway, I found that the best thing to do is to wear and pose with the translucent scarlet and amber-toned, gold-accented, architecturally-lined bottles in an unexpected place: my empty apartment hallway.

The pink, lace dress, black robe and red lip against the light makes for a great backdrop situation for Nirvana Rose and Nirvana Bourbon, scents intended to explore a sensual and playful side of the Nirvana fragrance collection.

While running back and forth to my makeshift tripod and self-timer to constant confusion and teasing amusement of my parents in the other room, I discovered the two best things life enables anyone to do that makes me the happiest:

The power to create and the power to inspire. 



In Collaboration with Elizabeth and James.

Featuring Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose and Nirvana Bourbon.

Now available on Sephora.

Hair / Make-Up / Styling

Photography / Edits

by Jannel Therese.