Not The Flower

"When a flower stops blooming, you change the environment in which it grows, not the flower."

I used to let every season pass me by. I was stuck in the same little town doing the same things dreaming of the same adventures.

I used to not mind redundant routine. It comforted me. It kept my days on track. It kept me grounded.

But sometimes a comforting place becomes a stagnant one. 

All of a sudden, that little town where you did the same things is no longer comfortable. 

You start to dream of days that aren't so predictable.
Instead of being still, you wish to be off the ground.

Just like any flower, we can stop blooming.

We are allowed to change the environment we're in especially if it's for the good of our growth. 

But let's never forget where our roots were first planted.

Wearing City Vibes Jacket by White Crow Clothing.

Photography by Jason Payas.