Note to Self

"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform."

- Diane Mariechild

It's easy to be discouraged and to be uninspired when nothing seems to go the way you want it to.

There will be days when you contemplate on every decision you've ever made and if you had chosen a different path, would it matter now?

But quickly learn that the world is more fickle than you thought.

Just like all things, the best career, the best love and the best version of yourself takes time.

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It's important to focus on yourself and your own growth but know that you're not alone in this journey called life. There are different stages that do exist and it's okay if you're on a different stage than others. 

Everyone has goals for themselves that they also wish to achieve, just like you. They too have days that are hard.

It takes patience and perseverance to see a dream through and to finally close that circle. But know that as long as you see that dream, you'll see it through.

Wake up everyday and keep working and stay knowing that you (and only you) have the power over every aspect of your life.

Nobody else in this world will be able to give you everything you've ever wanted but yourself.

And remember that just like most circles, most dreams can be much bigger than others.

In collaboration with Fashion Bunker and The Fifth Label.

Wearing Radio Edit Knit Circular Knit from their Workshop drop.

Photography by Jason Payas.