Awed yet attracted, fearful yet fascinated.

It's that personal, powerful feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired β€”

 This is how most of life's experiences should make you feel.


Traveling through White Mountains in New Hampshire and sitting literally at the edge of the earth made me feel nothing but numinous. There's nothing like realizing how high you are above the ground and seeing how spectacular the view is right in front of you to make you feel immensely overwhelmed yet so inspired.

 I was reminded in order to be, I don't always have to do. I feel like I've spent most of my life "doing" things and often for other people and never enough for myself. And even when the heart and intention is in the right place, our actions are still the driving force in defining who we are. 


And as a millennial living in a generation where the desire for more is constant, 

I start to look for less. 

More honest. Less fake. More real. Less drama. More peace. Deep rather than just the surface. 


Doing is easy and for many, that's all they really know.

'Being' takes a different kind of hard work. It involves seeing what's around instead of just looking. 

I'm at a place in my life where I would rather reserve my energy for deeper interactions instead of pretending to be interested in things that don't matter to me. We do things to please people we don't like and make these efforts because we think it will make them like us more and look at us a certain way. I think it's ironic that these are the same things and efforts that keep us from meaningful relationships.


Burning bridges is not always a bad thing. Yes, you may feel in awe and maybe even fearful.

But burning bridges will attract and fascinate you to new and better land.

Burning bridges is numinous. It will leave you overwhelmed yet so inspired.


And as a millennial living in a generation where the desire to be liked and relevant is constant, 

I start to look for genuine and real. 

Real with happiness. Real with pain. Real with struggles. Real with self.