Off Duty with Calvin Klein

It's either you have nothing happen at all or you have everything happen all at once.


I'm slowly learning the list of opposite extremes that exist in this life. There is no median it seems. It's always a constant battle between two.

It's always a constant fight between an underwhelmingly sluggish, slow day or an overwhelmingly crazy, busy one.


Lately, I've been experiencing more of the latter. I prefer it that way. I like not noticing the hours pass me by. Before I know, the sun is setting and a new day is soon to come.

But sometimes, in between the mind boggling moments and the tasks that pick at my brain, I find myself daydreaming about an off duty day: What it would look like, what I would wear.


A day off in your twenties is rare and hard to come by. It's either you're working towards a career or you're already in one.

As a barista, intern, writer and blogger, here's a rare off duty day with #mycalvins. 

Nothing beats a jean and a Cropped Logo Terry Sweatshirt and a pair of heeled boots.

N o t h i n g.


Featured on Calvin Klein.

Hashtag #MyCalvins.