One Week Until Christmas

Clock is ticking, anxiety ensues.

Are you done with your Christmas list yet?

There comes a point during the holiday season where saying you have a lot of time left turns to having no time at all. I think we've reached that point. Lucky for you, I've got the best, thoughtful yet easy gift to give anyone that likes a good time or timepiece.

Aside from a good purse or shoes, you can't beat a good watch. 
Nicole Vienna offers three watch faces, six kinds of straps and three color ways which are silver, gold and black. If you're loved ones are like me, they also like to keep their accessories to the bare minimum and have it simple and minimal. 

The Soir Nº06 Mesh is one of my favorites.


This is Sunday reminder that you can handle any holiday stress the week will bring.

You just have to keep time.

In collaboration with Nicole Vienna.

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Wearing Soir Nº06 Mesh.

Photography by Danielle Cooper.