For those of you that are looking to get into the fashion game, I will tell you that it is one of the most creatively fulfilling industries to pursue, but I’ll also tell you right now that you will have to face wounded egos, superb assholes and unnecessary social politics and lack of logic, as you would in any other industry. Or maybe just life in general.

But, in times of great stress (I have been totally snapping at people I love for no reason for things they didn't do which only used to happen when I was in significant stress during college), it's the pinch-me-moments like seeing your name on , WWD, Yahoo Style or attending brunch with WhoWhatWear or personal victory and milestone like being named a Breakthrough Blogger Nominee by Bloglovin, that remind you why you spend more than half your journey dragging yourself to every destination.

This morning, I opened some blogger collaboration inquiries sent through direct message and email. While most took the time to look at the quality of my work, some took the time to only look at the amount of followers that I have. Brands reach out to me in hopes for a collaboration (which either means gifted product or paid post or both or simply just reciprocated content on social media), but expect a one-way transaction where I do what they want meanwhile refusing to make a compromise. 

Instead of throwing my phone across the room in frustration, I replied back voicing my opinion on their brand's rhetoric and how I would much rather take my interest elsewhere that will respect me and my brand well beyond the number of Instagram followers I have. And because I live in an instantaneous world of sharing, I took to Twitter and Instagram Story

and further voice my opinion. The replies and reactions agreeing to what I said were so uplifting and made me realize I'm never alone in this. 

You learn pretty fast that people who are as passionate about their craft as you are, and who aren’t afraid to put in the hard yards, are actually very difficult to come by. In the midst of all the elements that constantly try to bring you down, it's important to keep your headspace clear of all the negative.

There's power in people who are determined to rise.

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