#ProudToBeAWoman with Josefinas Portugal

There's a movement hitting the streets of New York and around the world and I couldn't be more humbled to support it. 

Josefinas Portugal is a luxury shoe brand founded by women for women.

If a woman can dream, she can certainly do.
And one woman's success is a success for all women. 


I love Josefinas Portugal's savoir faire.

With its focus on the opposite side of mass production and very well in line with passionate artisans, the brand's inspirations result in beautifully handmade creations. 

Josefinas taught me that things in life are better
made with time, love and knowledge. It's certainly an aspect in the consumer and production world that is well-forgotten.

It's a mindset I will sure take with me while I strut the streets in these leather trainers with faux fur detail.


Josefinas is part of CARE International and through their Mother and Daughter collection, they help girls receive education. And their partnership with Women for Women International helps girls learn business skills and make a difference.

I think that's what I admire most about Josefinas Portugal.