Sports Luxe Dinner Edition



Quick update on my New Year's Resolution of working out more and eating healthier: I honed a pretty amazing collection of active wear in my wardrobe and I am addicted to peanut butter and strawberry acai bowls. 

Facebook recently reminded me that 7 years ago, I ran a 5K race in less than thirty minutes averaging 7 minutes per mile. Now the thought of a 5K makes me extremely exhausted and you would much rather catch me running on the treadmill than outside. Don't worry though, I am making use of all the active wear beyond the walls of Blink Fitness in NoHo.

In celebration of Kate Spade NY x Beyond Yoga, I attended last night's dinner party in an all black ensemble. For someone who is willing to always be event-appropriate, (and weather-inappropriate) I incorporated a Beyond Yoga sports bra under my blazer. Many were wondering why in the world was I showing my mid-rift to dinner especially when the temperatures had dropped once again. But I mean, that's something a really heavy jacket and a blanket scarf can't keep warm. 

Photography by Jason Payas.

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