Spring Is Calling | Blank NYC Jeans For Nordstrom


Mesh Detail Crepe Jacket BY Blank NYC
MADISON Ripped Slim Crop Pant BY Blank NYC

Spring is calling! Instead of sending her to voicemail, I answered after the first ring. And I have no intention of hanging up. I feel like I find myself away from this space for a two-month long radio silence every single time. At least I’m consistent about being inconsistent. For the most part of the year, my time has been spent elsewhere, the other side of the planet to be exact, growing and learning more about myself and the things that really matter to me. Winter ended and as it did, I find myself holding onto what holds me and letting go everything else.

The sun is beaming, the breeze is cool and the air is much lighter! This has got to be the best time of the year. One of the major aspect of my life that I hold to a pedestal is the way experiences and the way people make me feel good, specifically. I learned that being particular wit who, what and where you are is a necessity in this life. Know what you want, know what you don’t. I know I want only good vibrations! Unless it is catapulting me out of comfortability and into something more worthwhile, like flying to a different country or conversations that pass the small talks, I’ll be saying, “thank you, next.” It’s not personal, it’s just energy.

To keep things in my life further aligned with how good I feel, I don’t wear anything uncomfortable for the sake of good fashion. Style is style. And style to me means comfort and done right. Blank NYC Jeans called me too and they said they will be in Nordstrom! I’ve been wearing Blank NYC Jeans for quite some time now and it’s so good to hear they are launching their spring collection at Nordstrom. I don’t own a white jacket in my wardrobe that’s perfect for spring and so this soft, light crepe jacket with mesh under the arms is my current fave. I also love denim with a good fit. This ripped slim crop pant is stretchy but doesn’t stretch out. It fits consistently throughout the day and I love a good vintage feel. These two together is the perfect, effortless spring day outfit. It will definitely be on this season’s rotation.


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