Style Story: Faux Fur For Faux Spring


You read that right: Faux fur for faux spring! If anyone has ever wondered what it's like to experience different seasons in one week, visit New York City during its seasonal transitions. It's both comical and frustrating. When it was winter, I piled on the layers because I knew the frigid cold outside was unforgiving. But once the calendar hit April, I was beyond ready to shed off some of the layers but of course, that's not the case. One day it will hit high 50s. One day it will be sunny. Then the next there's snow. Mother Nature sure does know how to tease a girl in fashion. It makes for dressing appropriately for the weather quite a conundrum. All I know is that this Mila Faux Fur Jacket by Willow and Clay is on rotation.

The silver lining to an extended winter is that I get to enjoy the comfort of my new home a lot more. (I have no desire to go outside and see people. Not to sound like such a complete anti-social introvert but that's how cold weather makes me feel.) I have never had this much space to decorate on my own. As anxious-driven as it sounds, furniture, color and texture decisions actually make me happy and it's kind of therapeutic. It's such a fun project to have. It's just important to remind myself that it's not going to be done overnight... or ever. It feels like a never ending project. It has been four months now and no room is quite completely done. I am always searching and finding new home interior inspirations. So if you happen to have some for me, I'm all eyes and ears!


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