Style Story: What Its Like To Feel Purple


While the colder seasons let the darker tones in my wardrobe more attractive, color is really something that truly transforms every season for me. It transforms the way I dress, the way I think, the way I feel. Color is a spectrum of this sensory switchboard. I can’t help but respond to it on my day to day. It affects the way I view what’s in front of me. Colors emphasize a specific memory and a specific emotion. There are days I feel like blue or red.

Recently though, I’ve been feeling purple. Purple is a color that tends to occur rarely in nature. It’s definitely a color that tends to occur rarely in my nature. A combination of blue and red, purple exude power, imagination, devotion, ambition, creativity, independence, peace and magic — all of the which I’ve been feeling lately. In retrospect, I tend to begin things but never finish them. I used to be full of ideas that fall short of fruition. I used to be filled with “I will” instead of “I do.” I used to lose sleep because I wasn’t at peace with myself and my craft. I used to depend on peoples’ opinions and wonder if they see me as magic and wonder why they don’t.

Recently I’ve been feeling purple. I’ve been feeling free of anyone’s criticisms, even my own. I’ve been doing more and wishing less. I’ve been feeling more like magic in my own right. I’ve never been this driven to write, let alone create good habits left and right.

I feel purple. I feel right. How about you?


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