Style Story: Who What Wear The Wild Things Are In the Winter


Leopard Print Long Sleeve Turtle Neck by Who What Wear
V-Neck Sweater by H&M
Vintage 90s Silvertab Jean by Levi’s
The Doctor Bag by Who What Wear

Winter gets more and more disrespectful every year. Gone are the sunny, summer days filled with never ending energy to get dressed and motivation to be outside. The lower the temperatures drop, the more I find myself spending quality time indoors. I’ve started and finished more Netflix series than I ever expected. I’ve seen more of Joe Goldberg and Otis than any of my friends in the last week. On that note, please go watch the shows You and Sex Education. You’re welcome!

To be completely honest, dressing for winter has felt like such a chore for me. Most days of the week, I opt to wearing the same all-black layered ensembles. Layers are definitely a girl’s best friend in the cold. Aside from Uniqlo’s Heattech leggings and long sleeve that’s continuously under all that I wear, the second layer usually consist of a turtle neck of some kind. Instead of my ordinary black turtle neck though, this leopard print long sleeve by Who What Wear has been on non-stop rotation. This harsh winter is teaching me that sometimes I should break the usual all black mold to fight this lingering seasonal depression. I’m quickly learning that a little bit of animal print and a pop of color to my wardrobe can really positively affect my mood. What I feel usually defines what I wear but what if what I wear can re-define what I feel?

I recently read a book about the counterintuitive way to living a good life and I’ve been thinking to actively use it to my own life. And I feel like the way I dress is a good start.


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