Summer leather

I have never been to Australia.


In collaboration with Beginning Boutique.

Wearing Brando Biker Jacket and Savannah Wrap Dress.

Photography by Kim Geronimo.


But there have been multiple daydreams about the Land Down Under especially in June during ninety-degree weather when the harsh, uncomfortable heat hits every angle of my face while strolling down either sides of the sidewalk compelling me to question why I ever complained about New York's strange winter-like cold temperatures the month before. 

A New York summer is not quite as poetic in real life as an Australian winter is in my imagination. Since I can't be physically on the other side of the world, immersing myself in all that the nation-continent has to offer, as quick as my thoughts would allow, I will continuously be partial to falling down Google rabbitholes of must-see and must-do listicles in the Land Down Under during its winter months.

June and leather are conflicting thoughts just like the words December and bikini, but until I visit Australia during American summer months, I will count on those rare cool temperatures to bring out the summer leather.