Summer Of Unlearning

For as long as I can remember, I've always imagined this time of the year to be so poetic and more picturesque than the rest. Ever since I was little, I hold this season accountable for all the fond memories and stories I've honed through the years. The fact that it is summer is a good enough reason to do anything and everything under the sun. I guess it's the spontaneity in the air and the idea of not knowing whats to come that makes life just seem so easy and so carefree during the summer.

While I routinely welcomed the season with thoughts of endless ice cream intakes, road trips, museum musings, weekend concerts, lantern festivals, movies under the stars and sunsets on the shore, I find myself blinking out of my usual reverie. A New York summer is not as poetic and picturesque as I had always expected it to be. Well, at least not as cookie cutter and down to the last detail as before. How ironic that I expect my summer to be a certain way when this season is suppose to be anything but predictable. The faster I unlearned about the summer I was seasonally used to, the quicker it was for me to appreciate the summer I am currently experiencing.

A New York summer is not as poetic and picturesque as I had always intended it to be because it is so much better than that. There is magic in discovering a newly opened cafe with your friends or simply finding out a new cozy spot while seeking refuge from a summer rain because you forgot your umbrella (again.) There is something special about cracking a physical book open and changing the experience of the usual commute home with eyes glued to the phone. There is also something rewarding about the idea of working and putting in the hours during this time of year to save up for a really special trip that's more appealing than catching flights every weekend.

(I thought I would never say that last one.)

 But for a season that's suppose to hold so many unexpected surprises, this is by far my favorite. Who knew a summer of unlearning old habits and expectations would lead to a personal growth for me? 

Unlearning about yourself is as good as learning about yourself.