Sunday Playsuit

I stand by two mantras relating to Sunday –

It is deemed a fun day. 

And if it's well spent, then a week of content is ahead.

Nearly six hours prior to having a black car service
[see reaction on Snapchat @janneltherese] pick me up to take me to Manhattan, I had a lot to get done.

After ignoring the five alarms I set for myself, waking up at 9AM [or 9:30AM] was a must. If I learned anything in my four years of college, it is how to be a functioning human and work productively and efficiently under major time pressure. Coffee, eating, packing, shooting, editing, brainstorming, and more packing [whilst instantaneously updating snapchat]; everything certainly felt so last-minute.

But damn, did it feel so rewarding to get sh*t done, in an effortlessly gorgeous playsuit and marble dial at that.






In collaboration with Fashion Bunker and The Fifth Label
Wearing THE EDIT Playsuit from their Three Fold collection.


In collaboration with Nicole Vienna.
Wearing  Soir Nº47 Mesh.