How To Coachella Off The Desert with H&M

The best thing about festival fashion is that it looks good on and off the desert grounds. 

The NEW H&M Coachella collection allows anyone to take the fun and free-spirit trends to the urban jungle. The cobblestones beneath my feet, the beaming sun reflecting off of the skyline and the crowds of tourists on these Brooklyn streets make up my Coachella. While I would normally be attracted to crochet crop tops, lace detail, fringe bottom jeans and slip dresses for this festival season, I gravitated towards something unfamiliar.

Silver is highly unlikely to be seen in my day-to-day wear but this shimmery metallic jacket was hard to put down. I'm all about sporty chic silhouettes and this silver hooded piece and sneakers are easy statements to any look. Another rare detail but would love more of in my usual wardrobe is embroidery. These washed denim with frayed hems and embroidered stars is simple yet classic and makes a maximalist look effortless. 

On the desert or the urban jungle, I love pieces I can pair together or wear apart perfectly. The H&M Coachella collection goes beyond festival season. And the secret on how to Coachella off the desert is to let it inspire you in daring ways whether it's your daily make-up, accessories or daily wear. You honestly wouldn't know what you're capable of until you try! (Forget Coachella, Hello Foilchella?)



In collaboration with H&M.

Wearing Shimmery Metallic Jacket, Embroidered Shorts and Silver Sneakers.
Photography by Sworup Ranjit.

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