Happy Halloween | Moulin Rouge In Paris By Night


Happy Halloween loves! I have no costume planned for this year so here’s a flashback to a time in Paris when I rocked an all black ensemble matched with an orange lip for a night out on the town.


Paris is a different kind of magic by night. With this urge to experience the night life in Paris, we spontaneously bought tickets to Moulin Rouge. The reviews were a mix of good and bad but a promise of a bottle of champagne with our purchase made us want to see what it’s all about. We trekked our way in a black Uber carriage to the red light district and it’s a side of Paris that everyone definitely has to see. It is full of life and lights, surrounded by people dressed their best and I felt so electric and excited for what’s to come. 


“NO PHOTOS ALLOWED,” the sign said as you enter the doors. But as a rule breaker that I am, I snapped away until I was told I couldn’t anymore. It felt like a different time inside the Moulin Rouge theater. I felt like I was transported back to the days when the only source of entertainment were live acts on stage and everything they did was shocking to the eyes.


Five minutes into the show, we emptied the bottle of champagne. The man in the tie was so impressed, he thought we deserved a second free bottle. With two madames, two champagne bottles and a stage full of crazy, insane stunts and talents, it was hands down the best night I had in Paris. For the sake of not spoiling anything from your experience, I just suggest to keep an open mind and have fun! Accept whatever is in front of you because it’s about to be a wild ride.